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Pro Cleaners Melbourne

Jan 05, 2012Alex Hope

I had a disaster with builders/painters days before moving in they sanded walls without protecting anything so the entire house was coated in tons of fine dust. A guy from Pro Cleaners Melbourne visited that day, quoted a price, and time to do the job and assured me it would be done as promised in a couple of days ahead of us moving in. He was true to his word. He and his team were professionals and did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend them.

Pro Cleaners Melbourne

Feb 11, 2012Michael Green

We’ve been using this company for about 7 months now to clean the main floor and upstairs of our house every 2 weeks. We thought we kept a pretty clean until the first time their cleaner came over, and we saw her pulling dust out of places we never even knew existed. Our place is much cleaner after she’s done with it than it ever was before we started using her. She is a thorough cleaner who works very hard, is honest, trustworthy, reliable, and friendly as an added bonus.

Pro Cleaners Melbourne

Mar 13, 2012Shanon Taylor

Moving company left a big oil stain from their trolley on my freshly cleaned carpets. Called Pro Cleaners Melbourne to come in and remove as I didn’t want to leave this stain for the new home owners. They completely removed the stain and like last time, very professional. Most impressed with their staff and their professional approach. Now I get mail from them with coupons and good advice, such as how to remove pet urine. I like that sort of information! Would never think of using another company again.

Pro Cleaners Melbourne

Apr 18, 2012Kollin Johnes

I was looking for some carpet cleaning . I had a lot of old stains and I was not sure if it was going to be possible to remove them/ I called Pro Cleaners Melbourne since they are the so called best company. The title was very accurate because they were able to remove stains that I had from about 10 years ago. I am definitely going to be getting cleaning done more often with Pro Cleaners Melbourne.

Pro Cleaners Melbourne

May 19, 2012Eliza Shepard

Your place will be spotless. I was in search of a reliable, high quality cleaning service for a while. Sarah came to my rescue. She is very detail oriented and truly cares about my satisfaction. I love the crew she assigned to me, they were very punctual and did an outstanding job. Pro Cleaners Melbourne are amazing!